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  1. Kurt Westman says:

    Mi Vato Ernesto
    hope to see you soon again , in Stockholm, Oulu or Austin!!!!!

  2. Lizbeth Polinsky says:

    Ernie is a great teacher and person to hang with!!

  3. Hey Ernie, Thanks SO much for the great drum lesson! I am digging the exercises you showed me and already feel those muscles developing – now I just gotta get the brain to follow. You are a joyful person to learn from and to be around ; )

  4. Tom Cummings says:

    Ernie, I wish we lived closer so we could play and hangout a little. Keep on swingin’ buddy, you’re a real musical joy.
    Tom Cummings.

  5. Mike Flack says:

    Happy Birthday Ernie! Love your music and I used to live in Austin. I played with the Lone Star Country band featuring Junior Moody. He was George Jones first fiddle player. Please send a physical address for mailing a birthday present to you. I think you will like some Flack Wackers you can see and hear on my simple website via a short video. 319-533-5007

  6. Jimmy Butler says:

    Loved making music with you. Big Hugs and Good on Ya’!!

  7. Keiko says:

    Hello Ernie,
    I saw you play in Japan in 1992 and you were fantastic!
    Recently I found the video of the show and got so excited I uploaded it on YouTube.
    Thank you so much for the great memories.
    Happy holidays and a happy new year!

  8. Paul Jonker says:

    Hoi Ernie,
    Just a little sign from Holland. I want to send you an email with a picture from Doug Sahm from Paradiso 15 years ago. Can you give me your emailadress? I saw that you play at Gruene’Hall at 9 March. I hope to be there
    see you soon
    All the best Paul

  9. jeff durawa says:

    love you Dad, who has a Dad like mine? No one!

  10. LOUVANHAUTER says:



  11. Hedeman, Robyn G. says:

    Glad you’re playing Vegas…wish I could see it. Peace.

  12. Hey Ernie:

    I heard that you were honored at the Texas Legacy Music Awards. CONGRATULATIONS! CC!

  13. Arlen says:

    Hy man, nice to see that you’re still around.I saw you on video playing with the texas tornados, Freddy, Doug and the gang.Boy, were they a fantastic group of players as well as yourself.The sound was unique, and it could never be copied.Too bad I never got to see the band in person (was too young) but I listen to the video all the time.Now that I have read that you have music out there I am going to find it and listen to it also.I love the drums.Stay well, and keep on keeping on.

  14. Rick the Stick says:

    Hey Ernie,
    Sure enjoyed connecting w/ u at gym last Tues been saving that story for a long time bout u, me and Larry meeting in Seattle 1979 or 80 on your tour w/ Delbert and Willie. That was a while ago!!! U sounded great Tues , if I don’t see u at gym see u next Tues. Rick

    • Ernie Durawa says:

      Hey Rick,
      Thanks for coming by..I have been at the gym every day this week..sometimes early morning and sometimes afternoon.

      • Rick the Stick says:

        Been out of gym loop, helping buddy build 8 by 60 feet of deck! 16 and 14 foot long 2by 6,s ! Figured could miss a few days of gym. See u next Tues! Had 1st jam/ rehearsal of my new group El Rauncho Elektrik, pretty hot stuff!!
        Rick the Stick

  15. Ernie, My forever gratitude for your fine playing on my CD “Bitter Wine.” I hope we can play together even more in the future. Thanks, ArvEL

  16. Ernie Durawa says:

    Hey Thanks Arvel!!

    Love your was indeed a pleasure!!!

  17. LOU VANHAUTER says:



  18. Alex Soriano says:

    Hi Ernie,

    I thoroughly enjoy the Texas Tornados, what wonderful music! Hope to travel back to Austin sometime to hear it again. Hope you are well. Keep the great music alive!!


  19. Øyvind Pharo says:

    We will keep the flame burning. Sir Douglas Quintet and Texas Tornados forever!

  20. Yvonne Munn says:

    what wonderful serendipity, tagging you from William Cannon as our paths crossed at the Manchaca post office yesterday — one in a string of pleasant encounters that day.
    And much empathy with you and trips between Austin & San Antonio; with or without ac in your car, that drive is not anywhere like it was decades ago (high school there, and lots of back and forths in recent years while my mother was still alive.

  21. Tom Sperry says:

    Ernie played on a couple of demos for me in ’89 and ’90 at Firestation Studios in San Marcos…with Augie Meyers and Randy ? (steel and keyboard guy). and Gary Hickinbotham … I loved that experience hearin some songs come to life…great drummin Ernie and hello! – Tom Sperry
    (When I Close My Eyes…..Slippin Down South….remember?…ha)

    • Ernie Durawa says:

      Wow..Thats been a while…Would love to get a copy of those recordings…also post on my discography.Thanks for signing my guest book. Best wishes,
      Ernie Durawa

  22. nic marcy says:

    Watching and listening to Earnie play is the magic of art, motion, sound and perfection …

  23. Paul 'Tex' Harwood says:

    Smoooooooooooooth. Ernie is da smoooooooooothest drummer!

    Howdy Ernie. Great website!


  24. Dean Keller says:

    Hi Ernie: Glad you playing so much hope to see you again Friend. Love the C/Ds, and the shows at Strange Brew.

  25. Bob Hanna says:

    Just visiting Ernie.

  26. Carl D. Burleigh says:

    I had the pleasure of having several lessons with you, Ernie, many years ago, and they are a treasured memory now. Remember when the Elvis stamp came out and you pulled that playful prank at the post office? Hilarious.

  27. Ernie Durawa says:

    Wow,,Carl..That was a while ago…Come check out my Tuesday night residence gig at Strange Brew at 6pm..always a different guest every week.
    Best Wishes!

  28. Dean Keller says:

    Always great to see, and hear you play. Hope we can get together again . You are a great Groove master Ernie.!!

  29. Ernie Durawa says:

    Hey Dean,
    Come back soon or better yet come to my Tuesday night gig at Strange Brew 6pm.
    Be good to see ya and also my apple TV is not working again.

  30. Rusty Graham says:

    hey Ernie
    keep on kicking You are still the best!

  31. LOUVANHAUTER says:


    • Ernie Durawa says:

      Hi Lou,
      We’ll get that done for you sir.
      I have been working on my house plus playing gigs…so I’m running behind.
      Hope you recover well from your ills.

      Best Wishes,

  32. Jan Stroh says:

    Hi there Ernie,
    I was sitting in Giddy Ups Saloon in Manchaca, Texas this evening and it’s a good thing I was sitting ’cause you walked in and I almost fell off my chair. I was so surprised to see you I couldn’t even speak to you. I apologize for that. I was thrilled that you looked at me and gave a nod to me. You were with Murali and he sang a couple of songs with Speedy Sparks and Grady Pinkerton. What a very pleasant surprise for me. Great to see you .

    • Ernie Durawa says:

      Well Jan,
      Sorry we didn’t get to visit..Were you sitting at the very next table? I had to stop by and see my pal Speedy since we have been bandmates for 30 years with the Tornados and I wanted to bring Murali by so he could sing…It was a fun night..We ended up at Sam’s Town Point where we both sat in.
      Come check out my Tuesday show at Strange Brew at 6pm …Murali is my guest next Tuesday.
      All The Best!

  33. Debbie Dillingham says:

    Happy Yule Ernie! So nice to see you doing well, last time I saw you was in Randall’s of all places! Love and Peace to you! Your X banker lady! Debbie Dillingham

    • ernie durawa says:

      Wow Debbie,
      It’s been a while….Are you still a banker? I host a show every Tuesday at Strange Brew 5326 Manchaca at 6pm. Come check us out.
      Happy New Year

      • Debbie D says:

        Hi Ernie! No, I left banking years ago. I work for UT in ITS as a Sr.Business Analyst on a project decommissioning a 40 year old mainframe. Hope you are wonderful and we will have to come see you at Strange Brew for sure. Happiest of Holidays!!

  34. Eric Madis says:

    Good to see you again, Ernie.

  35. George Mirabella says:

    Hello Ernie,
    Hope you are well.
    I’ve been watching a bunch of your videos. Always enjoy watching you play the
    I might try to make some of your future shows. Sometimes it’s difficult getting around
    due to being partially handicapped, caused by lower back fusion surgery (stay away from
    back surgery).
    I’m still playing my Roland drums, for my own enjoyment & sometimes, my family’s
    enjoyment (I think).
    I’m 81 now & still single. How about you?
    If you get a minute ‘drop’ me a line at
    Take care,
    George Mirabella

  36. Mick Boyce says:

    Hi Ernie,
    Best wishes from the Great Southern Land – well, Perth, Western Australia, to be exact. I’m planning on being in Texas next year for the Austin City Limits Festival, so I hope our paths cross somewhere, somehow, as in you playing and me watching and listening.

    • Ernie Durawa says:

      Hello Mike,

      Yes Im still in Austin and you can hear me play every Tuesday evening at The Backstage El Mercado…1302 S.1st street…or you can call when you’re town on my cell phone to find out where Im playing.

      512-913-4899…and also here on my web-site I post most of my gigs.

      Best Wishes

      Ernie Durawa

  37. Mary says:

    Thank you and ” the boys” for another Tuesday night of listening to great music. I have to say last night and the week before were exceptional !!

    • Ernie Durawa says:

      Hello Mary!

      Thanks for your kind words..Thanks for coming to our show.Im planning on bringing Kevin back in a few months.

      Please come back and tell all your friends that every Tuesday I have different guests.

      Matt Smith joins us tomorrow and he is amazing musician.

  38. Mary says:

    Thank you Ernie and Los Jazz Vatos for Grazin in the Grass !!

  39. Hi Ernie, hope you’ll visit Indonesia soon. Best wishes for you

  40. Henry Warden Jr. says:

    Another Birthday, another reason to curse the inventor of the mirror. Happy Birthday dude!

  41. Anita Dunn says:

    Hi Ernie! Happy Holidays! It was so nice meeting you this year. Thank you for coming to The Barn and sharing your music with us. Looking forward to future shows. Wishing you all the best in 2018. Safe travels!

    • Ernie Durawa says:

      Hi Anita!
      You have created a real cool place there at The Barn. Just in the last couple of times we have played there…it has been a blast.We look forward to playing there again in March and beyond.


      Thanks for signing my website!

  42. Deborah Jean ( DJ) Bailey Smith says:

    Enjoying you Internet visits. Hope to see you play real soon

  43. Steve and Marcia says:

    Hola Ernie,
    Marcia and I were browsing YouTube today and especially enjoyed your 42 minute interview at Drummer Cafe in Nashville where you are respected as a key contributor. We have both loved your shows at Strange Brew on the Ernie Durawa Stage and your shows at Backstage at El Mercado. You have the most incredible guest musicians: Texmaniacs, Linda Gail Lewis, Murali Coryell, Los Jazz Vatos, Ruben V, Joe King Carrasco and so many more.
    We enjoy running into you at Central Market from time to time — like a neighbor.
    Thank you for all you do and for all the musicians you help in their careers. Your website is terrific with its blazing hot design and colors and even some photos by Bob Crockett.
    With our best regards,
    Steve and Marcia Sackmary

    • Ernie Durawa says:

      Hey Thx Steve for your kind words!

      I have a lot of good guests coming up…some well known and some not so well known.I love my job. Hope to see you and Marcia real soon.

      • Heather Rooney says:

        Ernie! Thank you for the drum lessons, I had no idea I could play the drums until you showed me how! You’re a great teacher. You make leading easy and fun and the best part is getting to see you and the super talented musicians/artists perform with you every Tuesday night at El Mercado! Thank you, your Majesty. Your dear friend, Heather Rooney

  44. Great website, Ernie. Very impressive body of work. It was nice to meet you on Saturday. I see that you and Marlon share the same birthday, Dec. 4th. Also, I named my white cat Omar after Omar and the Howlers because he is so vocal and howls a lot! Take care and I’ll see you around.

  45. Steve karras says:

    Ernie it’s the president of the Durawa Society – Great Lakes Region

  46. Mary Levy says:

    Nice!! Are you sure that was country western 🙂 wonderful talent on the stage tonight. Thanks!

  47. Ernie Durawa says:

    Thx for coming Mary…Not exactly Nashville country!

  48. Thank you Ernie and Los Jazz Vatos for Grazin in the Grass !!

  49. Chris Gebert says:

    It was awesome to meet you yesterday, Ernie! You are a true living piece of Texas History! I look forward to hearing your beautiful music live!

  50. Ernie Durawa says:

    Thank You Chris and it was also nice meeting you and your husband yesterday as well!

    God Bless!

  51. Ernie,
    Thankyou for the interview at the Drummer’s Cafe. I found it very informative and enjoyable.
    I look back now at the time I spent in Austin and with great fondness, I think of the many ways you went out of your way to help me…one being having the Texas Tornadoes play in my living room, and you allowing me the chance to jam with them.
    Mostly, I respect the effort you made to become a truly well schooled drummer with the Roy C. Knapp school of music….made you awesome with your natural ability.

  52. Ernie Durawa says:

    Hey Rob!
    Thx for your kind words and for signing my guest book and for being a great neighbor back then.
    It was great seeing you and your family last time you came to town.
    Take care and stay in touch.
    God Bless

  53. Mary Levy says:

    When did you say Blue M
    ist will be at Mercado?

  54. Audrey schwartz says:

    My favorite drummer in the world. !

  55. Zara Grace says:

    You are one extraordinary drummer, Ernie! Love your guests on Durawa Tuesdays at The Backstage!

  56. Steve and Marcia Sackmary says:

    Every time that I visit this website, it brings back so many good memories. The site is a testament to the incredible growth in Ernie’s musical talent, good works, outreach to others, sharing of abilities and resources and more. We continue to love our Tuesday night Durawa Music and friendship fix at El Mercado. Every conversation with Ernie usually includes a new music history discovery for us. The man is a major link across the beats of today’s Tejano, Tex Mex, Jazz, Blues and more.

  57. Ernie Durawa says:

    Thank You Steve for your words of encouragement.
    It’s my honor to call you my friend.

  58. Ronnie Marks says:

    Great to know Ernie and his sense of humor. As a long time Texas Tornado/SDQ fan, all I can say is, Ernie rocks!!!!!!!

  59. Mark Stutso says:

    Ernie! It’s been great yakking with you, brah! Spreadin’ the love!!

  60. Ernie Durawa says:

    I’m so glad for the reunion and thx so much for being so righteous.
    Let’s stay in touch my brother.



  61. A genuine bad-ass drummer. Rock it, Ernie

  62. Ernie Durawa says:

    Thank You Tim!

    I look forward to my new security system plus it’s nice meeting you and your wife.


  63. Roger Herrmann says:

    hi Ernie, great chatting with you last night.Pretty cool that we have managed stay in touch for 40 years too. We had some fun times making music together way back when in Chicago. Btw my brother
    wants the blue satin shirt back if you can find it ?

  64. Ernie Durawa says:

    Yes Roger .
    It’s been great staying in touch.
    Ha the shirt is way gone somewhere.
    Your wife plays nice piano.
    Send me your address and I’ll mail you a cd or two.
    Stay Safe!

  65. Hi Ernie, thanks for the great hat. If I’m out of work, a few months, I’d like to continue working on my manuscript. Tough to make time. Keep in touch, talk to you later.PetaOwihankeshna, Sioux, may the fire always, burn.Broken Paw.

  66. Ernie Durawa says:

    I’m still working on my book. Maybe 6 more months and will be ready to publish.
    Best of luck with the health issue.

  67. Anita Jones says:

    Hey there neighbor. Love your website especially the black and red colors. Looking forward to hearing about your travels etc! So many comments that it took a long time to get to the bottom to add mine.

  68. Ernie Durawa says:

    Hi Anita!
    Thx for signing my guestbook!
    Always good to know my neighbors.
    Keep Walking!!

  69. James Allen says:

    Mr. Durawa,

    It is a honor to be one of your students. Thank you for lifetime love affair with the drums. 1979-1980 Austin, Texas. The lessons are still with me to this day.

    Love and peace,

    James Allen

  70. Johnny G says:

    What a legend Ernie Durawa is. Such a humble guy considering the phenomenal career he has and the extraordinary list of greats he has recorded or performed alongside. Versatility groove and chops…it’s a Durawa thing. Can’t wait for his forthcoming book.
    Johnny G
    Sydney, Australia

  71. Ernie Durawa says:

    Hey Johnny!
    Thx for signing my guest book.
    I feel blessed to have friends in many parts of the world.
    Some day I will visit Australia.
    Music is the universal language.

  72. Lou VanHauter says:

    Hi Ernie. It’s been a while
    How are you doing, hows your book coming along? Since my wife died, Im lost, have 14 pc.kit in living room and most days no desire to play
    MY shits off, going it alone, with 3 cats. Had 4, O put her down in may sebetr abdominal pain spot on pancrease

  73. Ernie, this is what everyone would like to accomplish in their own life write a book of their memories and you have managed to do just that WOW !!! my main man , CONGRATULATIONS!!!
    You and I have come a long way since “Reggie and the Elkhearts” little did we know that the Lord would let us live this long but we have managed to amaze everybody .
    So Ernie once again CONGRATS on your book and keep carrying that bright light that you are .
    your lifetime Friend Regi

  74. Ernie Durawa says:

    Hey Thank You for your kind words and for your service and friendship.
    It’s great to reconnect with you.

    God Bless!


  75. James Dennany says:

    Thanks for being a Facebook friend! Let me know when your in Houston!

  76. Ernie Durawa says:

    We will be in Humble on sept 15 at Green Oaks Tavern
    Come see Murali Coryell Chris Alcaraz and myself then.

  77. Klaus Durawa says:

    Hi Ernie Durawa, my name is Klaus Durawa. I come from Germany an we have a First DURAWA-Family-Meeting this month in Ruppertsweiler near Ramstein-Airbase.
    We wish you a good time.
    The big Familie DURAWA from Germany.

    • Ernie Durawa says:

      Hi Klaus,
      That’s wonderful.
      I wish I could join you.
      I was adopted by Martin John Durawa.
      Best Wishes!
      Thx for reaching out!

  78. Greetings Ernie,

    It’s been a pleasure seeing you play and hanging with you & the guys. Looking forward to seeing you next time around! Ivan

  79. Ernie Durawa says:

    Hey Ivan!
    Great pleasure meeting You as well.
    Come back again.
    I have a guest room with your name on it.

  80. Bill G. says:


    I met you at the Broken Spoke when I was there in the Fall of 2018. I chatted with you and you gave me a card. It was great meeting you. Well, I was doing a little housecleaning last week and I found that card. Just thought I would reach out to you to say hello. Crazy times now and don’t know when I will be back in Austin, but I will be in Nashville next month. I don’t know if you play there. I hope all is well.

    • Ernie Durawa says:

      Hi Bill
      It’s been a while since I have played in Nashville.
      I’m still in Austin and all my shows have been cancelled for now bc of the Covid surge.
      Hope you get back here again sometime.
      Where is your home?

  81. Jim Hughes says:

    Can’t wait to see you in Humble again. Loved your book.

  82. Ernie says:

    Thx Jim
    Will return to Humble March 11th
    We love that place and it’s people.
    Glad you like my book.

  83. Jeffrey Durawa says:

    love you Dad. listening to you tonight. proud to be your hijo!
    keep pounding

    • Ernie Durawa says:

      Thx Mijo
      Just finished 12 shows with Murali. I’m beat
      Time to take a few days to rest

      the next Texas tour that starts June 20 th
      Love u too.

  84. LouVanHauter says:

    Hello Ernie, and Happy Birthday. Im happy to know ypu are well and still drumming. Thankyou for the well wishes, for my girlfriend,Bella, and I. My girls dad, is starting his own embroidery business, doing hats, shirts, etc..Keep in touch, All my love, to you always.zMy new iphone # is 4842744574.

  85. LouVanHauter says:

    Hello Ernie, and Happy Birthday. Im happy to know ypu are well and still drumming. Thankyou for the well wishes, for my girlfriend,Bella, and I. My girls dad, is starting his own embroidery business, doing hats, shirts, etc..Keep in touch, All my love, to you always.My new iphone # is 4842744574.

    • LouVanHauter says:

      Happy NewYear Ernie, to you and yours, I finally bought an iphone13 pro, and FaceTime now? I always, will be indebted to you for your drumming inspiration with The Tornados, and I’m sure many,many more songs, I’d heard. My new phone number is 4842744574.
      Hope you have a great year drumming, and health and happiness.

      Always, LouVanHauter, ps, my blues buddie put his album on you tube, I’m playing on NewDawn and After the flood. If you can give me your opinion.

      YoutubePhilPilorz,HAPPYTOWN ALBUM. Phil’s from Houston.

  86. Ernie Durawa says:

    Hi Lou
    Thx again for your kind words.
    i’ll listen to your tunes soon. i’m still quite busy recording and playing.
    Have a wonderful New Year????

  87. Frank Sluzala says:

    Watched and older 2013 Austin City Limits show with Freddie Fender and Texas Tornadoes on You Tube. Awesome job on the drums.

  88. Ernie Durawa says:

    Thx Frank,
    So glad you enjoyed the show.
    Unfortunately we’re not playing much these days .
    Maybe everyone is just getting old and tired of touring.
    Our music remains the same forever.

  89. Brad Wicall says:

    Hi Ernie. This is Brad from Tuesday nights with Janet. What a fun set last week. Your shuffle is the best. Let me know what’s next to set up some lessons. Can’t wait to get started. Brad

  90. Ernie Durawa says:

    Excellent Brad. See ya Wednesday

  91. Mickey Jaarsbergen says:

    Legend!!!!! ???

  92. James says:

    Excited for Friday night..Great to meet you sir…Great to see a legend in such an intimate home setting kicking with other great musicians…Keep on kind sir

  93. Fred Spence says:

    Hey Ernie, dig your playing!

  94. Brad Wicall says:

    Learned more in 5 months of lessons than all the 40 years I’ve been trying to figure it out. More LEFT hand then ever!!! The best!!! Thanks Ernie!!!

  95. Ernie Durawa says:

    You really are on your way with that left hand. We both saw that today!
    Sure makes playing more fun when you can use two hands instead of just one.

  96. Hey Ernie,
    So glad to know you … and happy that we stayed in touch all this time. Interesting that we met by chance during a layover at the Houston airport. Must have been about 20 years ago. Hope to see you in person again some day!

  97. Ruben V says:

    Love you Ernie!
    Thank you for believing in me! V

  98. We h oops ave enjoyed hanging with you all these years from drum lessons with Jacob 20 yrs ago… to catching all the talented musicians you bring in to complement your awesome skills! Keep on rockin’ out the music!!! We’re with you all the way?❣️♥️

  99. We have enjoyed hanging with you all these years from drum lessons with Jacob 20 yrs ago… to catching all the talented musicians you bring in to complement your awesome skills! Keep on rockin’ out the music!!! We’re with you all the way?❣️♥️

  100. Ernie Durawa says:

    I love the family Thx for your support all these years Sherri

  101. Hey Ern…I had a blast with you on interview with san Antonio Musicians Talk Show network. Kindly support this grassroots show as I strive to support …our guys . much love to Austin Texas my home away from home . Sincerely , Ed Ocampo Sr- host and originator

  102. Ernie Durawa says:

    Hey Ed
    I also enjoyed our conversation and look forward to seeing the final project.
    Best Wishes to my San Antonio Brothers!

  103. Chelsey Straight says:

    Hi Ernie! Very nice to meet you!

  104. Heather Rooney says:

    Ernie! Thank you for the drum lessons, I had no idea I could play the drums until you showed me how! You’re a great teacher. You make leading easy and fun and the best part is getting to see you and the super talented musicians/artists perform with you every Tuesday night at El Mercado! Thank you, your Majesty. Your dear friend, Heather

  105. Ernie Duraws says:

    Thank Heather for your kind words
    Glad you’re enjoying the lessons


  106. Carmen says:

    It has been wonderful getting to know you more. Dave has a very good friend indeed! I am amazed at your history in your bio too. Here is to more fun times at various venues to hear the talent you bring forward for us all to enjoy! Tons of aloha–Carmen

  107. Still remember the concert you gave in Constance about 30 years ago with Flaco Jimenez. Tonight I found the concert music from the show at Santa Monica in 1989 at the KPPC with Ry Cooder and Flaco Jimenez and I heard it twice. It’s perfect. Did you also play the drums at that occasion?
    I hope, you are doing well. Best greetings from Constance, Germany. Mathias

    • Ernie Durawa says:

      Thx Mathias,
      Good to hear from you.
      I wasn’t on the show with Ry Cooder
      Just did about 35 years with the Texas Tornados with Flaco and Freddy Fender Doug Sahm and Augie Meyers. Thanks for signing my guest book.
      Hope all is well in Germany.
      Best Wishes
      Ernie Durawa

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